Let it go

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I have learned that if you hold onto something, or in other words “dwell” on something, you hurt yourself and the ones around you. It’s harder than you think to let it go, because you want to fight it, and make things right with people that things have been ruined with or people that have been told things that make then think differently of you. You should never listen to gossip through someone, and if it’s about you, directly confront the person that “supposedly” said it. It will make things better for you and everyone else. Half the time it’s not even true, so you’re mad for nothing, then you ignore that person, and they get confused as to why you’re not talking to them. When in reality, it was just someone gossiping in order to create a problem so they look like the good person in the situation. Basically, always confront the problem, and don’t listen to the ones around you. You can’t trust EVERYONE, so choose wisely.


The Definition of Lying

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Is there really a definition for lying? People do it because they are unsure and insecure about and with themselves. I’ve noticed that it’s done in order to make yourself feel better. In the end you feel guilty, so you lie even more. Then the cycle just keeps repeating itself, over and over, and over, and over. Then once you’ve gotten used to doing it, you do it all the time about silly, little things. You get caught up in your own lies; so once again, what else do you do to get out of it but keep lying. It gets to the point that you start believing your own lies and you think people do and say things that really aren’t happening and are just being made up in your own mind. You tell people things that “so and so” said and did, but in the real of things, YOU are the one that said or did that thing.  But you’ve made it to where you believe it was someone else. Lying is a disease, and once you start it, if you don’t get it under control early, it will become an absolute disaster that is spinning uncontrollably in your life, and the next step beyond that is your mind. There’s really no need for lying to begin with, telling the truth is much easier, and probably will land you in less troubles and in less conflicts than if you lied. Think about it.

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