I have learned that if you hold onto something, or in other words “dwell” on something, you hurt yourself and the ones around you. It’s harder than you think to let it go, because you want to fight it, and make things right with people that things have been ruined with or people that have been told things that make then think differently of you. You should never listen to gossip through someone, and if it’s about you, directly confront the person that “supposedly” said it. It will make things better for you and everyone else. Half the time it’s not even true, so you’re mad for nothing, then you ignore that person, and they get confused as to why you’re not talking to them. When in reality, it was just someone gossiping in order to create a problem so they look like the good person in the situation. Basically, always confront the problem, and don’t listen to the ones around you. You can’t trust EVERYONE, so choose wisely.